January Make Nine Update 

One make nine project in the closet.

I started off 2017 with a plan to introduce more handmade items into my wardrobe.I was really inspired by the clean, easy idea of the Make Nine hashtag that has been floating around this year.  This was a plan that I wanted to start last year but I felt a bit intimidated by the idea… so I froze and just made 1 or 2 things as the year went by. 2017 will be the year I am going to make a handmade wardrobe a priority.  I loved the idea of committing to 9 items for the year. It’s not an item a month so I don’t feel time pressured and it made me really think about what I need in my closet. A few of the items in my make nine were projects I planned or started last year. My goal this year is to keep a monthly update going with whatever I’ve been working on.

The first Make Nine 2017  project has been put in my closet. I had  started this over-sized bomber jacket in 2016. It has been sitting in my W.I.P. pile for about 3 months.

I was browsing patterns one day and ran across Mimi G’s pattern for this over-sized bomber jacket and snagged it during pattern sale. I have been wanting a relaxed over-sized bomber jacket for a few months but never found anything that I liked in a store. Browsing through the store I saw this print and was sold, I bought the knit, lining and all the notions that day.

Overall the pattern was easy to follow and well written. I made a few mistakes in my excitement  to get sewing in the beginning and ended up having to unpick a few stitches out of black  stretch ribbed fabric. Talk about a pain,  but that’s what I get for rushing through and not reading all the instructions.  I made a few changes to the pattern to make it fit the way I was looking for.

Updates to the Pattern

  1. The over-sized slouchy feel was really important to me as well as making it very soft. I thought the quilting and extra batting would create a more substantial garment than I wanted, so I cut them out and just used my heavy weight textured knit on its own.
  2. i was looking for a slouchy feel but I got  a bit more than expected with the cuffs. They slid right off my hand and I looked like I had borrowed my dads jacket. I was looking for a tighter more traditional tight cuff on my bomber to accentuate the over-sized feel.trimming them down by 1.5″ helped a lot. After wearing it now I would probably go 2 to 3 inches smaller if I make this again
  3. To give the jacket a more finished feel i stop stitched the zipper. I think if I had used the fusible fleece this would have worked out better. I think this is part of the reason I’m having more buckling than I like on the zipper.

I love this jacket and can not wait to try out a few new ideas on another. It’s just enough print and texture to be fun and still functional. I love the little details I was able to add with the mustard lining, buttons,  the collar detail, tighter cuffs and the softer feel and weight. It is also the first garment that I can sew my own labels into! And have I mentioned how much I love the mustard lining?  It’s such a nice bright pop and when I turn up the sleeves it adds so much to the jacket.

I ordered them from Dutch Label Shop and I love them. The labels are especially wonderful since you can custom design them. I am already planning another order soon.

Next Time:

  1. Next time I would use some  batting or possibly fusible fleece around the zipper. My hope is that  there would then be a bit more body to keep the zipper from buckling quite as much.
  2. Defiantly use a fun lining like I did with this one. Maybe a great printed lining fabric inside a solid felt with great quilting lines. Maybe even a slightly different lining inside the pockets.
  3. Make the cuffs smaller to have  a more over-sized feel to the sleeves.
  4. Add quilted elbow pads in a different fabric or of a different tone.