February Make Nine 2017 Update 

Month 2 of 2017 is almost over and I have knocked out 2 of my planned make nine projects for the year. This one is near and dear to my heart , literally and in terms of my sewing skills. 

      With February being the month of love I figured it was the perfect month to start my operation lingerie drawer project. I started with the Boylston Bra from Orange Lingerie. I searched a lot for the right pattern and from the reviews to the gorgeous versions I have seen all over it was clear that this was the pattern for me.

       I ordered a kit from Tailormade Shoppe  on Etsy and then put those gorgeous fabrics and the pattern in my WIP pile and walked away.  Then Orange Lingere and Tailormade linked up and offered kits specifically for the Boylston Bra and I was smitten so I ordered 2 more kits! My reasoning being if I’m going to revamp my Lingerie drawer I might as well get the right tools and materials. 

  It took me a while to get up the guts to cut into the fabric and even to read the instructions. It was all so silly, once I got started I was immediately confident in my skills and could see that this was going to be a smooth process. My first wearable muslin was not the best sizewise so I readjusted a bit and got started. My first completed Boylston is far from perfect, the topstitching  is a bit wonky but it’s wearable and a whole lot prettier than anything else in my Lingerie drawer. 

Even after my fit adjustments I still feel I can get a better fit the next time and I can not wait to start in my next one. I had such great success with this first finish I know I will be making loads more. It’s a relatively quick finish as long as you have all the materials you need. This went so well it may have inspired me to fill out my Lingerie drawer with even more styles and types of garments, keep your eye out for some silky, pretty things coming soon.