My plan for a mean lean 2017

I don’t know about you but my project plan for 2016 got way out of control. It seemed like everyday there was an endless supply of things I wanted. There were  too many swaps to join and too many fabrics to buy and way too many great patterns to try.  My goal for 2017 is to keep myself more accountable by sharing my plans with everyone.


 I love the process of planning and drawing out my projects.. Unfortunately I don’t always have enough time to plan a new project and actually sew or make an old project. My sketchbook from 2016 is full of a zillion different ideas.  Although I only have a few finished projects to show for all my planning. As a result I have decided to do even more planning to make 2017 more productive. By changing my planning process I will be able to get started faster while still enjoying the process.

In order to make sure I can remain productive I want to balance what I need and what I thought would be fun. While being more selective I hope to also focus on what is realistic and has a purpose. Don;t worry I wont be cutting out fun little projects, I just really want to focus on what matters the most this year.  Check  back in soon to see how things work out.


  Realistic, Simple , with Purpose