Mini Polaroid Quilt Blocks

I joined a quick  fun quilt swap this fall and can’t wait to get my blocks in the mail. The idea was that we would be placed in groups of twenty and each of us would make a Polaroid block for everyone in the group. The blocks are very quick and easy to put together.  Follow along  if you like #polaroidgreetingswap.

I start all my swaps and projects by sketching them out ahead of time. For this swap I sketched out the basic shape and size for all the pieces I needed to cut then made a  graph to keep track of each swap partners likes and color preferences, then I numbered each box to make it easier to keep track of.

Then I made  a little Polaroid template to use as a viewfinder when I was looking for the snapshots for each person. This part was the most fun, since I got to shop a bit for each persons likes and find the best fit in my stash. It was nice to have a wide range of different colors and a few “surprise me” ideas mixed in too.


After fussy cutting my little snapshots out I only used about a fat quarter of white to cut out the strips for all the  sides of my Polaroids. I used 12 – 1″by 20″ strips and  4 – 1.5″by 20″ strips for all 20 Polaroids. I chain pieced them 5 at a time with a 1″ strip (1)  on each of the sides of the snapshots (2). Then trimmed and pressed them open with the seams away from the center of my snapshot (3). Then chain pieced them 5 at a time to the top of the snapshot (4). Then trimmed and pressed the seams away from the center of the snapshot(5).Then stitched on the final 1.5 inch strip to the bottom of the snapshot (6.)

your first little polaroid

Press your seams away from the center of your snapshots and you have your first mini polaroid. Trim them to 3″ by 3.5″ once all complete and you are all ready to ship out or turn them into something for yourself!

all ready to ship out

I’ve been trying to figure out what I am going to do with my polaroids  from my partners and have been eyeing these ideas lately, what do you think?

Love in Polaroids with do. Good Stitches

I love this quilt from its got such a great scrappy feeling and seems so happy to me

Rainbow polaroid quilt block

and this one from it’s the ultimate in happy and you could make it really fun if you combined the top quilt and the bottom quilt somehow.


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  1. Hello Kat,
    I hope to find you well. I am currently preparing a bee block type blog post in order to request polaroid quilt blocks. I wondered if you would give me permission to use the sewing and piecing tutorial images 1-6 that you have created in that post. I would of course link them back to your page here. I just feel they already show it all and would help me not having to reinvent the wheel.
    Many thanks


    1. Sure no problem! hope this isn’ t too late of a reply! My laptop crashed and I just replaced it!

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