My Make Nine plan for 2017

My plan for a mean lean 2017 includes starting with a make nine challenge. I love the idea of picking nine items that you really want to make for the year.  There are a few patterns I have bought already and a few I have yet to buy. I can not wait to LOVE my clothes again and by making things the way I want them and not settling for what’s available I am going to get that loving feeling back.

1. Bomber jacket by Mimi G for Simplicity Patterns 
For about  3 months I have had this fabric and pattern sitting in my UFO pile but just haven’t started on it yet. I have been wanting  to have an over sized slouchy bomber in a great print and was having the hardest time finding one that I liked. While I was shopping for another pattern one day and stumbled upon this bomber and it was love at first sight.

2. Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns 

I have been looking for a great Pajama pattern for myself so that I can make matching sets with Lu for Christmas. I also have been crushing on the luxurious silky versions I’ve been seeing on Instagram lately too.

3.Talvikki   sweater by Named Clothing

I love the seams on this collar almost as much as I love the idea of making a simple sweater that is classic and streamlined.

4. Concord T-shirt by Cashmerette 

Long sleeve, shirt sleeve, with rolled sleeves who cares? I’m gonna make them all.

5. Kelly Anorak  by Closet Case Patterns 

I love the Nylon versions that I’ve been seeing as well as the cotton versions, I would adore a handmade Anorak that I can customize with a bit more color and pattern than you can buy.

6. Harrison Shirt by Cashmerette 

Another great pattern from Cashmerette that I’m sure I will continue to make and make again. I would love to have a few in chambray  a few in various plaids and who knows what else.

7. Boylston Bra by Orange Lingerie

Making my own bras has been on my mind for a year or so and just haven’t gotten around to doing it. I’ve heard that it’s very hard to stop once you find the right fit and style for your self. Most of all I want to make something pretty just for me.

8. Long cardigan and wide leg pant by Mimi G for Simplicity Patterns 

This pattern and fabric have been burning a hole in my UFO pile. I can not wait to make this one. It should be the perfect punch of color and clean style that I’m looking for. I have an idea for the pants but haven’t found the right fabric yet. If you know where I can find a magenta or fushia trouser weight fabric, please please let me know.

9. Morgan jeans by Closet Case Patterns 

I bought this pattern last January and cut out the fabric but never got around to stitching these up. This year I’m hoping to make several pair of these.